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Learning Expeditions et Study Tours en Pays de Grasse

"In 2017, EDHEC developed, in partnership with HEC Montréal,an innovative seminarfor participants in the Manager programme for the Superior Management Cycle. This Learning Expeditionaimed to share the expertise of the key economic stakeholders in the region with international participants. In Grasse, the group of learners could thus better understand the origins of the economic renewal of Fine Perfumery in regional know-how.

EDHEC has always considered that its mission to respond to companies is also part of its commitment to the development of the area and the promotion of its assets. The M.Sc. Management of the Flavor & Fragrances Industry,developed since 2018 as part of COMUE UCA, meets this objective. Moreover, we also hope that collaborating with local manufacturers and luxury perfumers based in the region will be supported by the region; as well as setting up conferences and seminars/congresses dedicated to the theme of the Masters course (logistics, communication, etc.) and the hosting of trainees from the course.

In spring 2019, the students of the M.Sc. in Marketing Management EDHECalso explored engineering in Grasse and the special marketing features of Perfumes & Flavors through a Study Tour,which aimed to immerse them for 4 days in this sector of excellence, a flagship of French know-how at an international level. "

Les formations proposées
MSc in Management of the Flavor and Fragrance Industry
Msc in Marketing Management (Lille)
Superior Cycle of Management
Message from the Director

"Starting with a powerful ambition - to be a school which is useful and adds value for companies - EDHEC is nowadays seeking to accelerate its internationalisation, to develop its programme offer and disseminate even more widely the fruits of its applied research.

            - This vision has quickly been embodied in many structural projects: the development of our budgetary resources, strengthening of the faculty by cutting-edge recruitment across the world, receiving an increased number of students, new educational programmes and teaching innovations, the deployment of a new brand platform, etc.

            - EDHEC has harvested the fruits of this with an increased international stature, new academic partnerships (e.g. with Stanford and Boston University), and the successful launch of Chairs and high-quality research hubs, like EDHEC Infrastructure Institute in Singapore.

Today, EDHEC continues its development at the ambitious pace laid out in its strategic plan. This is the proof of the relevance of our model and choices. And the confirmation that the EDHEC for Business 2020 target is more than ever within our reach: taking our position among the top European business schools, and being recognised for our impact on business. Indeed, EDHEC considers that its mission to respond to companies is part of its commitment to the development of the area and the promotion of its assets. It is in this perspective that EDHEC wishes to contribute to the outreach of know-how related to perfumes in the Pays de Grasse. "

Marie-Catherine Mars

Deputy Head Marketing Department - Nice Campus